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Your journey begins here. Medi-XR provides healthcare companies, hospital systems, students and practitioners with the tools and support needed to usher in the new paradigm of healthcare operations.


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About Medi-XR

The world of medicine is rapidly meeting the world of technology, greatly enhancing the connectivity and reach of medical data and information. Technology in medicine has tremendous power, and with power comes responsibility. Responsibility to care, to empathize and to remain compassionate.

Modern medicine is more connected than ever, yet our human connection at its core is at risk of drifting apart. Immersive medical information technology, education and training helps address these challenges, allowing all health care participants from patients to providers, from educators to entire eco-systems to find each other in close virtual reality.

Immersive and present, VR and AR offers technologically augmented human connection that has been demonstrated to improve retention and readiness, decrease cost and improve patient outcomes. 

Join the immersive revolution.

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"Our behavior health department sought an innovative way to train the ecosystem of providers who manage mentally ill patients. We used VR to evaluate and coach law enforcement, EMT/paramedic, and Emergency Department personnel on critical interactions involving life and death decisions." ~ Dr. Karen Lommel

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